I’m a couple hundred miles from Japan, and I I was thinking I could fly to your hotel tonight ’cause I-I-I can’t get you off my mind☽

Tokyo! I will miss you! I said as I waved goodbye to Tokyo from our flight. Tokyo was warm, polite and well. And less chaos than I expected.

The year 2019 was a ride. Like years always are. When November came around I was tired and bored and I needed spice up my life. There has been a long time dream for me to go and visit one art gallery in Tokyo and I never had actual plans to go there. I just rather sat on my bed and watch youtube videos of other people going there. Until one day I decided this youtube thing was enough and I needed to do some moves. And life organized it as always. It happened while I was walking around with our french bulldog and made a call to my best friend. Without any plans to talk about making a trip together she told me she would be free at the same day I had days off. And right there and then we decided to go somewhere abroad.

It wasn’t right clear that the destinaton was Japan. I had to convince her a bit and then there was a flight issue; there seemed not to be places enough to go to Japan in that day, but we bravely beat the odds and stubbornly went to the airport without places to the flight. There we were, waiting inside the Helsinki airport on the boarding gate, holding our fingers crossed to get told whether we can make it to the flight or not. And finally we managed get two seats to priority class. And there it all started.

Beside Japanese fashion and this art gallery I didn’t know much about Japan. We didn’t had a hotel or any yenis with us when we landed to Narita airport after being on flight almost ten hours. The feeling was exciting and I wanted to cry during the whole trip because of happiness.

My expectations from the trip was to be overwhelmingly culture shocked, jet lagged, lost and frustrated in middle of chaos. I expected long lines and too many people around me. Tokyo was everything but that. It was lively, happy and super well organized. It was clean and the techno culture was rad. Also the tens of different parts in Tokyo was great. Using public transport was super easy and everything was near. There was not too much walking to anywhere.

If somebody asks me if I would recommend Tokyo as a place to visit I will always tell this; Tokyo is a great destination for the people that want to experience it. That’s all. I don’t think people who aren’t interested of the Asian culture, art or fashion will settle there. But all the others will.

This trip was definitely my top three vacations. It is weird to travel a place where you are the only two people from Nordic country (in the area we had our hotel) and whenever you go the locals will welcome you and make sure evertyhing is well and dandy with you. People will teach, guide and make you feel safe in Tokyo. The way I have never felt welcome. And they let you be you- and maybe lost, if you want to. But if you need help in any occasion they are there to make you feel like home. Some things we did in Japan

  • visited at least Nippori, Toshima, Shinjuku, Shibya, Harajuku, Aomi and others
  • Visited the digital art museum
  • Ate local food
  • Enjoyed bubbles in bath and in glass
  • Visited the old town
  • Shopped in well know fashion brand malls
  • Visited in street wear capital in Tokyo
  • Bought so many rad fashion pieces
  • Took so many pictures
  • Got ourselves in techno parties
  • Used so much train

Oh and that art gallery? Probably the best art gallery I have ever experienced. Thank you Tokyo for being the city that never sleeps, and thank you for making me feel like home in a place I never thought I would be so welcome.

Till we see again, Japan.

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