AITO STUDIOS 5th collection fashion show ☽ +fashion thoughts

On 11th of November I was coming back from Kokkola to Estonia and made a pitch stop in Helsinki for an evening. AITO STUDIOS had an incredibly fashion show in very edgy and cool place in Helsinki. I absolutely loved the collection and actually my favorite piece was the black denim shirt (you can find and shop the shirt on their site; There were also other pieces that I absolutely loved.

Past year I have actually admitted myself that I am super into fashion. Well haven’t admit that before 😀 a bit growth has happened there. Acutally contrary to popular belief I do not consider myself as hard core shopper. My best friend and Mr. Smith might have a different opinion, but let’s stick with my opinion as we are in my positive space here in my blog, right.

Nevertheless, I do like designer things and my current favorite designers/brands beside AITO STUDIOS are Balenciaga, Vetements, Yohji Yamamoto, Yazakazen and Louis Vuitton. I do not buy often stuff (my own opinion :-D) and I like to buy less goods that are available in brick and mortar shops that are available for everybody. Instead of that, I try to catch always pieces that are more unique. That’s why I do love a lot street wear and street fashion. Especially Japanese inspired street fashion.

Have a fashionable December,

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