the birthday surprise I got ☽

in Autumn it was time to celebrite me getting wiser and turning 21! what a fun age to be. Back aint aching and world is pretty with all its rose colored glasses.

I rarely have celebrated my birthdays. Says a woman who had surprise b-day bash made by her loved ones and another year ordered a limousine for her and all of her friends. Maybe it is time to admit I do like to celebrate my birthdays.

It is a while now when the day was and all I do remember is that the week was busy as hell. I was stressed and I hadn’t slept much. Mr. Smith woke me up before I left work and he had a gift to me from Louis Vuitton. There was also breakfast and to be honest I couldn’t think better way to start my day.

During my work day, the team I am manager of remembered me with a gift and also my co-workers came and congratulated me. I was so shook and surprised I forgot to tell them to eat cake 😀 After I had finished my work day mr. Smith picked me up and as a surprise took me to the spa where we had very lovely and cozy, our own section reserved. There was bubbles in the pool and in my glass as we were enjoying spa treatments and a lovely evening.

After snacks, spa and bubbles we went have 6 course dinner in the old town.
I was happy and satisfied for the day.

I think it was the very best birthday so far.
Can not wait to next year to turn 21 years again.

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