my favorites currently ☽

This post is made based on a reader request. Thank you for that.

my favorite mottos “my insecurities don’t pay my rent” “be aware of unearned wisdom” “I don’t know how to do it but I do it anyway”

my favorite type of spend a night “going to a underground gig” “drinking champagne and watching telly with my partner” “spending a night in some vacation destination” “spending night in a studio”

my favorite way of spending a morning “enjoying breakfast at bed” “being in a spa with my loved one” “training” “holding a good meeting”

things that make me happy “seeing someone success” “solving a problem” “finding a new artist (and bounding with them)” “getting my nails done” “remembering fresh choreography for the first time”

my favorite kind of people “honesty, compassion, trust, kindness, loyalty and love”

my favorite movies “mother!” “the place beyond the pines” “midsommar” “gone girl” “split”

my favorite directors “Ari Aster” “M. Night Shyamalan” “Derek Cianfrance

my favorite songs “Halsey- Sorry” “SONNY-Kuolio” “manna – kuunlvaha” “a prince- Jorja Smith” “bicep-trust”

my favorite music producers “Solomun” “hank solo” “MGI” “MusaJusa” “Bobby Johnson” ” Finneas O’Connell” ” Louis Russell Bell”

my favorite hobbies “dance” “painting” “ukulele playing” “writing”

my favorite items not to leave home without“airpods or beats” “wallet” “watch” “phone”

my favorite coping mechanisms dancing” “speaking/analyzing” “keeping my hands busy” “meditating” “cuddling”

my favorite clothing pieces “balenciaga triple trainers” “black turtle necks” “black jeans” “saint laurent teddy bag” “vsco t-shirts”

my favorite make-up/style trendslow buns” “all black or all colorful” “colorful eyeliner”

my favorite cosmetic products “sensai mascara” “joe blasco foundation cream” “parfumes currently these two (see below)” “ginger shaded make up store blush” “mac lipsticks” “lust seasalt shampoo”

my favorite things to be grateful “Pentti and mr. Smith” “I am able to what I love and get paid for it” “being able to be myself on a daily basis without asking anyone permission” “finding love to life again” “smiling” “having a roof above my head every day” “being able to travel around the world” “being able to shop groceries from shop without thinkin constantly what to eat” “being able to drink water from a sink” “being able to wonder around without body guard constantly coming after me” “being able to listen music and see colors” “having a skill of compassion” “being able to dance” “my partners sense of humor”

my favorite vacation destinations “Mykonos” “Jordania” “Maldives” “Bali” “Netherlands”

ps, i love plants

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