marbella on my mind ☽

During July me and mr. Smith packed our bags and took flight to Malaga. Puerto banus is a place to be if you like fancy cars, lavish clothing stores and beautiful people. You can get delicious food, sun and relaxing time if in need.

I am lucky to have someone similiar background as me, who has been living other countries beside Finland and Estonia. That creates similarities in the sense of viewing world but also it is nice way to go some specific destination as there is a great chance that one of us already knows the place like our own pockets. In this time, it was mr. Smith.

I have been visiting Spain almost ten times, I believe. Most of the times I have had a good time. Sun and sunbeds have always been the thing for me, but to be honest I have never fell in love with Spain. But on the other hand, that is not surprise as it took me 7 years to fall in love with the person I am together currently :-D.

In this time we took it easy and just went where felt like. Most of the days we drank Sangria and ate tasty food in different restaurants. After a bit over week we were tanned and ready to get home.

The last night we made a promise not to drink to be proper human beings at the airport and on the plane, but unfortunatelly failed miserable and we both suffered massive hangover on the plane. We had the funniest time though.

When I got back I had missed Pentti a lot and I was glad to be with him at home. I am already planning my next vacation. I can not wait that!

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