making my dreams come true – year of dance 2019 ☽

Yesterday we wrapped our dance season 2019. In means of dancing 2019 gave me a lot. In the end of 2018 I found myself in the situation that I wanted to find a new crew where I could join in. As a dancer for my whole entire life, I knew what I definitely didn’t want to sign up for and what I was definitely looking for the group. I wanted to have a group were I felt appreciated and where I could learn something new. Also the vibes had to be positive. That was a place where I didn’t want to make a compromise.

After contemplating a couple of options I found a dear new group to me where I fit in. Before I noticed I fell in love with the styles, routines and the people I was surrounded with. So long I was contemplating to find something new but I never did it. Now I was standing in the middle of the most beautiful dancing studio, wondering why I waited the change so long.

In addition of spending laods of happy emotions in the studio I have got couple of new friends out of the studio too. Especially one dear girl, who have taught me so much the world itself. One of the things being that letting go is more than okay, because it gives you so much in a return. She was the one who encouraged me to make a change and getting myself in my current dance studio.

When I feel comfortable in my dancing environment, I can see the straight impact on my life. Doing what you love—the dancing for me, makes me be open, more social and confident in other areas in my life as well.

It is my defense mechanism toward rest of the world. It makes easier to handle the emotions might some other times feel hard to express, it allows me to be my authentic self and it gives me joy. Through this year dancing also challanged me- but only in a good way. I got in touched with the project I have been dreaming since I was a child. When I was younger I sat down with my best friend watching Sonya Neks’ dancing videos and dreaming filming one in one day. In this year, that dream came through.

I also became a professional dancer. I started doing gigs that pay me an actual money in dancing scene. Before sitting down and writing this I didn’t understand how far I have come. Oh damn -it has been a good dancing year.

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