I traveled to Dominician republic find answers to questions that have been on my mind lately

So there I was on a plane on my way to the destination I haven’t visited earlier. The trip came very sudden and contrary to my normal habits I didn’t pack or prepared myself in any ways beside getting travel insurance and my passport with me.

Estonia was very rainy, dark and sad when I left which made it easier to take a taxi to harbor in the morning. Traveling is really easy for me. A flight here or there doesn’t make me anxious or bored, but moreover I enjoy the feeling of being on a full airplane mode.

Dominician republic was beautiful, but now very safe to be having girls night out. I expected nothing but a quiet yoga retreat to myself and my best friend. I thought that I will be meditating on a sundeck from morning to evening and in the end of the week I had revealed all the big mysteries in my life including the Madeleine Mccann dissapearance. Well- let’s say, I didn’t quite get there but what I did get was a lot of something else.

Me leaving the Dominician with no more than exactly zero solved cases left a huge time for doing everything else. We drank Pina Coladas on a resort and we hanged around other people a lot. I read a book and I slept well. I also got a bit flu (because what would a nice week be with tara who without her getting herself sick ay). We ate, danced and sun tanned.

All in all it was very relaxing trip and it definitely calmed down my traveling fever. I can not wait the next up to come.

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