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Yo my dear internet friends!

Guess what! I went back to dancing! As I have mentioned before I wasn’t able to dance for a while partly because of my lung problems and partly because my previous dance group got into a break. Meanwhile I was juggling between lung specialist and gym and I drifted away from dancing. One day I got my cup full of not dancing and made a brave move to search a new company.

Despite the fact how much I love dancing, always going to your first class in a new company is its own challange. In fact, I would prefer just to stay inside my bed (like most of the time), but if I never go to outside of my comfort zone I would miss so much about life.

So, like usually in place of nervousness, I surpressed all those emotions down, got my dancing heels on and dragged myself to the brand new studio. And as expected, it toally payd off.

I have been part of this new group around few weeks and I find myself really loving it. Everybody feels such a nice and warm people as well as the choreographies are very beautiful and sensuel. Which I obviously love.

I hope and trust I will continue having amazing trains with the new company and I integrate myself as well to this group than my previous one.

I hope you are enjoying your Sunday <3.

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