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a brief summary what happened yesterday in Finnish music awards; Emma Gaala

Yo! So yesterday was the most important Gala night for me personally; the Finnish music gala which recognize achievements in the music industry in Finland. I am naturally more interested about the hip-hop/RnB side of the gala, so my views might be a bit biased, but we all know that already 😀 I will now give you a brief summary about what happened yesterday & what I think about it all. So here we go;

Artists I was happy to see receive their award:

Male artist of the year: Pyhimys
Pyhimys is not only artist but also multitalent that has had impact on Finnish music scene for a long time. Beside his solo career he is known also being part of for instance Ruger Hauer & Teflon Brothers. To those who do not understand Finnish and listens Pyhimys I would describe his lyrics as intelligent and hard to swallow. They go deep into soul and you never get tired of listening to them because you always find new perspectives from his music. Sometimes, the lyrics are also so ruthless and honest (especially the earlier production) that it is not very easy to listen. And I think that is what music can at its best do to you; raise emotions. Pyhimys got several other Emma’s during the night.

Pyhimys, 2011

Ruger Hauer, 2011

Band of the year: Gasellit
Yeyyy! One of my favorite bands! I saw them first time live last year on the festival in Finland and I really loved them. The band is really earthy and humble. In my opinion they say a lot of things that people think about daily, but can not put their emotions into words. So gladly we have gasellit to do that for us. Although the issues they speak about are not always happy, or positive they still successfully make me feel happy and less alone in this world, every time I listen them. All the lyrics are very relatable.

Gasellit, 2015

Best new artist: Vesta
In this category there were also one Finnish new comer rap artist IBE, whom I hoped that would take the award. However I knew already that Vesta will take it and she well deserves it. I saw also Vesta last year on live first time. There are a lot of artist that are good live performers and then there is Vesta, who is great. She is very special and makes you feel like super intimate in the crowd although there would be a full tent of people in her gig. She is funny, talented and sweet, which also came through with his excellent speech in the Gala. Although I would love to see IBE take the award, in my heart I truly believe it belonged to Vesta. And next year it will be IBE then 😉 Again to those who don’t understand Finnish, her lyrics are deep and melancholic as I perceive them. As a side note she also had made a song together with Pyhimys (Kynnet, kynnet) which was bonkers.

Vesta, 2018

the big part of this song is to understand the lyrics, which I am not able to translate to you. But shortly as I perceive the song; it is about how you are never ready in this world and nobody really knows what they are doing. We are all alone in this planet just trying to navigate throught in our own troubles and success. That was very shit description of the song, but you get it.

Comp. Väinö Wallenius, Riku Mattila, Lyrics. Mikko Kuoppala (Pyhimys), Heikki Salo.

The Female artist of the year was Anna Puu, who also gave performance at the show. This is very unpopular opinion I bet, but I personally do not fancy her music nor her performance in the show. As being dancer myself I found her performance a bit cringe looking her previous career and the style this performane was done. Maybe it was better live that through telly and to be honest- many of other people seemed to like her show and was really happy to see her receive the award, so who I am to judge. Again, nothing personal to her, I just wished Sanni would get the award.

Producer’s award went to Jukka Immonen, which I really can not say anything bad about but I would be very happy to see Jurek or Tido getting the prize. I think Tippa‘s sä satutat mua song was lit af and I liked it mainly because how it was produced.

On other news Mikael Gabriel went full on Kanye mode and used her chance to receive award of the best music video to say that 45- old men or 50-year-old men are not the ones who decide which music is good and which are bad but the crowd does.

And good for him, literally. Although I am not a target group for his music, but really familiar with it still, I am happy that he makes this kind of statements. Finland really needs people who open their mouth and say what they think. And I think MG is really important part of making Finnish music scene richer and different although I may not be the right target group for the music. I can not deny that he knows what he is doing.

He upraised a discussion about the Finnish media houses buying lables and how they have an impact to what artist people are listening. I haven’t been able to read the article yet fully, nor dig the issue deeper but if you understand Finnish and you are interested about these issues you can read the article here.

Mikael Gabriel – Kivi Sakset Seteli ft. Elastinen, Pyhimys, 2018.

if you want to read more about Emma Gaala (only in Finnish sadly; the are couple of more links)

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