saturday breakfast & magic mikes ☽


On Saturday we headed to have brunch in our neighbourhood and I was really enjoying myself. I don’t remember when last time I had so much fun during the weeknd. The food was great and the almond latte that I ordered was perfect. As we all know- I usually drink my coffee as black as my soul, but here and there it makes good to treat yourself a bit.

Naturally Pentti was also with us. Me and Pentti have been going through a bit teenage authority problems -if you know what I mean. He threatened to kill me on Friday evening. Don’t tell him, but to be honest I kinda deserved it. After the little incident we were both a bit confused, he didn’t sleep next to be the next night but now we are okay again. I told him that I understand you can not control your emotions looking back to your history, but man I am on your side dude. It is okay now.

Nevertheless forgiving him threatening to kill me the next day brunch episode was on its own story. I took him to brunch with us and he made the biggest role on earth to all other people making very clear that his humas never feed him. He put his cutest expression on his face and patiently stared at one beautiful ladie’s food the whole time. So Pentti if you know secretly how to use computer (I am pretty sure you know according to many of your favorite secret activities) I would appreciate you not to embarrass me in the restaurants. You know you get food. Also, I love you.

In the same weekend I faced a horrible, h o r r i b l e situation. But this requires a backstory, so be prepared. So as we all know I am a witch, like we all are our own live’s hogwarts characters. Long time ago, me and Mr. Smith used to spend a loads of time in one apartment in mid town. There were a master bedroom which Mr. Smith had decorated with some three little men. I always remember since the day one looking those little man statues and being very suspicious about them. And every time I opened my eyes one of them was staring at me right beside the king sized bed. Then after months hanging in there, I told that I think those men are creepy and, I am pretty sure they haunt me (a bit dramatic, I admit) they have some black magic shit attached to them. (Almost scientific proof, I will do prolly my PHD about those creepy statue guys)

Mr. Smith told me that they were from his dear Grandmas. For Gods sake!!! I knew there was something odd in them. I am pretty sure still this day that those little men are the reason why I see so spooky dreams. So once, Mr. Smith tried to sneak those three little men into my house. I, very straightly, but politely told him that those men are not invited. The way that their uber is downstairs, they need to go, straight on a private jet to the Malaga, wherever, but those spooky ass magic mikes are not welcome in my zen-zone.

Well. One day I was cleaning my apartment and I haven’t opened one of our curtains for a while, because we have neighbours very close to us. So on last weekend i opened the curtains while I was cleaning my apartment.

And THEN look what I found.

These little fuckers!!!

I knew something was wrong I have been seeing HORRIBLE dreams again.

“WhAtA-HeLl” I said.
“What are these? ” I continued.
“What do you mean?” Mr. Smith said
“Don’t try to tease me. You know what I am talking about. The creepy black magic men on the window” I said
“They have been there a long time, I wanted to see how long it takes you to notice them” he said.

So now those fuckerys are part of my family. And speaking about my family, I am positive you want to hear what is going on with my plants. Well- I am aboslutely shit plant mom still. I know, I am sorry. I have killed atleast half of “salatut elämät” -tv series characteristics. (If you don’t follow regularly I name all my plants after Finnish soap opera)

Sorry with all the food pictures but man, I went into rabbit whole with this. Then on the side note let’s concentrate on this chocolate!!! When you open it is baby pink colored???? like the chocolate I mean?? whatahel???? well hello ??? whoz diz?? new addiction??

Then couple of last pictures. I found this dress today. Do you think it is a threat or an opportunity? I am not sure, please help me with this.

Also two last pictures before I go…. One of being pizzas on bed (if I was one pic) and me with Pentti.

But now Pentti came home. I heard he saw a Jesus so now I need to concentrate to listen that story. But thank you for reading the post! I hope you liked it. I really appreciate you and freaking love you.
Never stop being part of my crazy internet family.

ps. Bonus pic

😀 have great week.

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