beware of unearned wisdom☽

so yesterday I wanted take you with me to my absolutely mad-lad leg day but as usual, my evening didn’t go as planned and after my workout I got home and cried over bloody bathrobe over two hours. Infact, my new year promise 2019 was not to be so dramatic and I was thinking that as my tripping tears were flooding to my apartment floor, forming a full-on swimming pool in the middle of my bohemian, artsy & edgy apartment.

Well that being said, today I went back to the gym trained my upper body and came back to my computer (and my ruined bathrobe can we cry together) with a new attitude. So here is my crazy-muscle-hurting-you-will-regret-next-3-days-that-you-did-that -workout. You are welcome.


  1. 5 minutes with stairsmaster (both sides, kicks and speed approximately 50 cals burned)
  2. leg curl (approximately 20kg 6-12 reps x3)
  3. adduction (40kg 6-12 reps x3)
  4. abduction (60kg 6-10 reps x3)
  5. leg extenstion (30kg 8-12 reps x3)
  6. leg extension for glutes (knees on floor, pushing the machine 20kg 6-10 reps per leg x3)
  7. deep squats with tracks (68kg 6-8 reps x3)
  8. smith machine good mornings on knees (20kg 8 reps x3)
  9. smith on side (20 kg 12reps x 3)
  10. 100 abs
  11. 1 minute blank with going up and down with hands half of the time

Looking back to it now I can absolutely see why my legs hurt and hallelujah tomorrow will be one operation to get even to the office, man 😀 but I am literally happy, that was goal and I highly recommend you to try it. Mostly I can feel it now in my bum and in my thighs. The most important thing I kept on my mind during the exercise was to have a good posture and squeeze the heck out of my glutes always when coming to release position.
I also highly recommend not to lock your knees in any occasion.

I hope you will enjoy the training and let me know in my DM’s if you tried it and did you die! or if you died you can not dm me, so then send me some spiritual message or something (don’t spook me please)

I love you guys, remember to check out Future’s new album, it is out now!

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