I keep my blessing and my prayers in my back pocket tucked ’cause I know everything we receive ain’t luck ☽

Hello welcome to my press conference it has been a while so let’s get into it shall we..

First of all a lung update: still using breathing machine daily, it has became my new bestie and also the love of my life. I am having my next doctor appointment on 20.12 so we will see what’s cooking then.

And then more important news. I am sorry, I literally can not remember everything that has happened because if you only knew what has been going on lately you would be BONKERS so I can not quarantee a chronological order nor that I can write about everything because I need to keep some parts of my life private, (but there has been so nice stuff happening to me!!) but I will do my best. And doing your best is always what you can do mostly. Generally in life but also in tarawho blog so let’s continue.

My plants are still alive!! Can you believe? Sadly, I have already forgotten all their names but I have faith that somebody of you can remember who these guys were. But yes- still everybody alive. You can nowadays call me a plant sensei.

Then one of my best friends arrived to Tallinn, and it is long time ago that I can not literally remember what we did but all I do remember is that we had a good time and I bought one whole outfit because I thought it was so ugly. I went to the changing room with it and I were anticipating to make my friend laugh but then all of the sudden I found myself really liking the outfit and that started a whole new era in my outfit choices and to my closet became a full on artist closet. I kinda recently understood that I really like clothes and style although I have been always denying it.

Then my other friend arrived couple of weeks later and with her we ate well, went art gallery and I took her to her basically first ever proper techno parties. It was an epic night.

Also I have drank red wine, and I do not have and idea why this platform just put these pictures upside down, but let’s say it was my artistic choice, shall we This meal looks so much better than it tasted and it was so small that I needed to eat pizza afterwards.
I have also painted a lot by myself and yesterday I hold a proper introduction to my friend about all these paintings. He prolly just wanted to get a beer but I was way too into introducing my paintings that I didn’t even notice him taking pictures of me. I have been also streaming me painting and cooking, and getting ready and I have had in total 3000 people watching me which is crazy man.

Also, I have been not visiting gym so much, mainly because I still feel weak af, my personal life has been, let’s say, a bit unbalanced if you wish, I have lost almost 20 kg and I look like proper stick nowadays 😀 NEVERTHELESS I will eat a lot during the Christmas and then we will get out bum back, right mates.

Pentti has been himself, for instance, today he tried to bite one woman who tried to come and say hi to MR. Smith. That lady was obviously not invited to have discussion with us and Pentti expressed himself very clearly. After that Pentti came in and between my legs and was really needy and obviously sorry for losing his marbles for that poor lady. He also run away once in a restaurant. But I forgave him already.

Oh and I almost forgot- I moved out from my previous apartment. That one which had cute bathroom, but all other things were, let’s say. Not so cute. There was a repairer man who always came to my place without calling me before. Once he got inside so that I was lying on my bathrobe on my sofa. The communals were biggest in whole building eventhough my apartment was one of the smallest ones and I didn’t use much of electricity, and there were so many other sketchy stuff as well so I decided it is better to pack my uber and move into next place before I caught again myself in the situation of #TaraMongeau.

This new area is SO CUTE! It is in the artistic area of Tallinn, and I am literally in the center of everything. I have been complaining so much that I do not fit in and you know what. Like dude ofcourse you won’t fit in if you are surrounded by middle aged people when you are having your artistic 20-something years!! This area has literally so good vibes and I will let you know updates whatever happens with this apartment, but so far the vibez are good!

I need to say that the people I spend time on a daily basis about 9 hours a day have been HUGE help and support past weeks. They have translated, helped, gave their opinion and supported me with so many things. And i love you all for that.

Then last but not least!!
My friend showed me this girl and I think I am in love with her.
She is my inspiration and very pretty and nice but also young so compliments end here, but I hope you all have great holidays guys and talk to you soon BYEEE!!

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