the guy I first hated and then fell in love with

So this is story about a lad who I first hated and then madly fell in love with him. We met first time bunch over a year ago. It was a cold Autumn evening as we walk together. We didn’t speak, well- because like every other man I don’t think he is the best with his verbal skills. Also, he was kinda rude, only ate sausages and ignored me totally. I have used to get attention, especially from men so this lad was an exception. A pill- hard to swallow, if you wish.

We met a couple of times after, but it wasn’t anything serious. Infact, I was dating one person in that time so I kinda didn’t thought we will never be anything special. But little did I knew what was coming. I think I met him next time in Spain. He was living in lavish and very fabolous area in Spain, Marbella. Once again he ignored me. The whole week we were hanging. Well, we ate couple of times together, but he made me felt a bit uncomfortable because he was staring me in a very rude way. Well- it needs to be said that he does that to everybody because now I have learned that his past- like anyone else’s past- has made him the person he is now.

He is so angry to everybody all the time. But the thing is- he never yells. He just starts fight and it is SO DIFFICULT sometimes, because it causes injuries. And the thing is he is absolutely ripped as well, so he has power like nobody else. But this too, is because he has a big trust issues from his past.

I can not recall when we two started to bound really. I really think I finally found my way to his heart by corrupting him and just being me (I am extra loving to my loved ones). So there I found myself cuddling just me and Pena together. He is the best dog I have ever met.

Pentti, or Peña as I call him was originally born in Estonia. The story tells that he is pure French bulldog but I have my own doubts. He is like three times bigger than normal Frenchie PLUS he looks a bit different than Frenchie to me. But this is only my theory, you know. After living in Estonia he found his way to Portugal and one thing let another and he had to leave his original home and homies. So he had to moved to Spain to one family. Then he got into bad paths in his life. You know, some people get into bad paths in their teenage years, do drugs and such but Peña did something else. He committed a crime. And got a death penalty for that (he bite a grandma and in Spain you have to kill your dog if he does that). So there Peña was, lost in his life. Without place to stay, and death penalty waiting. So this is when we came into the picture.

Pena, or Peña as I call him, is very untrusty toward anyone else but the people he trusts. For example it took me over half a year even get to pet him. He also has bite our very sweet friend who has a golden heart. He also bites other dogs. But his biggest enemies include cats, vacuum cleaner and waiters. He hates them. And when I say hate, I mean RAGE. He doesn’t bark a lot, but he well does bite if you get too close. It is also somethimes embarassing to be with him in the shop because he starts staring people if he doesn’t like them. I try to tell him that is a bit rude, but he doesn’t always listen. Couple of weeks ago my best friend was visiting me in Tallinn and Pena just stared at her. He thought she came here to eat his sausages and take his snuggles. He made it very obvious that my best friend was not welcome to my own apartment (:-D) and he also made a huge deal when we tried watch an emotional video. What an lovely attention seeker.

Although I love Pena bits, he has his bad qualitites. Like we all have- but let’s say Pena’s are kinda worse than others. He is absolutely racist. He doesn’t like any other dogs but the once that have same kind of face that he has. He has also fixation to car tires, and when I fixation, you do not understand. He has an addiction. Every time we go to dog park all the other dogs are playing together, running around and stuff. But Pena, regardless other dogs asking him to play, he only stays biting the only car tire in the whole entire place. If we do not take him away he will do it so much that he passes out. Literally, has happened. So he also doesn’t know how to stop. A bit addiction problems, I would say. But I love him. And he has had a bit hard and let’s say, colorful life. Abuse and stuff, you know the child traumas.He has never bitten me. Once we got into better terms he sleeps next to me very often and he makes dad noises and snores really loudly. Also he communicates the way that I have never seen dog communicate. He is such an alfa man, but oh dear when morning comes he loves kisses and cuddling. Every noise he makes means different thing. I have been a long time sick and I think Pena kinda gets it. It was late summer when he first time let me to play with him so that he was totally on his back and in that same day he also gave me kisses first time.

His favorite things in this world are toys, sausages, hunting mice, cats and such. He never begs food, but he well knows when there is a possibility to get food and he appears to places. He loves sleeping and he is pretty chill lad otherwise. I think I have never loved any creature so much that I love him. He has totally changed my perspective about life, and especially other species. The way he first didn’t let me anywhere near, gave me an attitude and now he comes so close to me and I can genuinely see that he loves hang with us. The trust that was built between us took so much time, that I never understood that dogs can develope such a long-time actions and be so intelligent creatures and I regret not knowing that earlier. I go to get wine with Pena, he comes to restaurants and shops. I have gave bath to him and I have dried him with a blowdryer (yes, king) and he sleeps very close to me always when I am with him.

He made me stop eating meat, or atleast reduce it.
It feels hard to eat meat when you see breathing, feeling, such and emotional, intelligent creature next to you.

I have never felt such a connection with any creature how I feel with him.
I aboslutely love that dog.


2 thoughts on “the guy I first hated and then fell in love with

  1. random says:

    This is such a great story, the way it’s written – the message – the delivery, everything is just spot on! If this story was a dish and I’d be Pete Evans, I would give it a “solid 12 out of 10” and demand more (read that with an australian accent please)

    Even though there are pictures of a dog right at the start, my dumb ass thought it was about a friend or a guy you like perhaps, until it finally clicked – such a great way to write. (I mean now looking back at it, you literally mention pretty much in the first sentence that he only eats sausages and I thought like man this is a bit of a weird dude but idk, don’t judge people by their cover right.. :D)

    And it’s such a beautiful and interesting story, only to think a dog has had a more vivid and packed life than I have for the past 21 years .. 😀 should perhaps go out a bit more

    • Tara Who says:

      Hey you! Thanks for the great comment!
      I was so happy to read this, you uplifted my mood to be even better today!
      And I totally read that with Pete Evans accent in my head 😀

      And haha indeed- the dog has had more eventful life than most of us.
      Makes him also easier to love 😀 <3

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