☾ I drank Beluga in my bedroom and got totally wasted with Peña ☾

Okay, so there has been SOOOOOO much going on lately that I do not even know where to start from. I can already tell how this post will take DAYS to make, so when you get this notification that there is a new post just know that I put a lot of effort here. By the way would you like to have some video posts as well? like not the vlogs I did but more like just compilations of what has been going on? Please write down the comments, or don’t it is totally fine as well 😀 BUT NOW let’s get into it (I literally have to go through my phone in order to remember everything…)

So first things first, I have finally settled at my new house. You can say things are going pretty well, I have got back to my dancing habits in my bathroom and I can see the star sky whenever I want to. And that is good- because you know me, I am a moon woman ☾

Then the second most important thing. My new (hopefully) permanent family member. It is a some kind of tree. I am really shitty gardener. Like when I say really shitty, I mean I kill cactus even. One cactus didn’t have any stuff inside of it after a while. I don’t even know that can even happen. Like I mean, there are some things I am really educated and good. But when it comes to gardening.

Well. You know it already.

So I have been watching this specific plant for a long time everytime I pass from one flower store. So finally, once I passed it I stopped and took some steps back. Some man was looking me like I am a crazy person, but little did he knew I was about to get a new family member.

We call him Kari Taalasmaa, if you wish. So I went to the store and asked if she speaks English and she didn’t. So we spoke Estonian. She didn’t know either what plant it was but well she did know how to take care of it. The discussion escalated very quickly from plants to my boyfriends 😀 She was cute, and after half an hour I had Kari Taalasmaa at my home. He is still alive. I will keep you guys updated.

Then the next hot topic which is highly related to the picture above. So there was a day when Mr. Smith had to go somewhere and I got to hang out with Peña, only two of us.

Or now I am kidding.

Acutally me, the wine bottle and Peña. If you haven’t been my active instagram follower  (you should btw tara_who, shameless self promo watch link down) you do not know anything about Peña, but I promise my next post will be about him & I PROMISE IT IS GONNA BE FREAKING LIT!. Now just to get a bit know to him here is a picture of that little king of his own kingdomn. 

(We made a deal if I give him corruption sausages he will pose with me.)

So there we were, me, Peña and the wine bottle. After struggling to find anywhere a wine bottle opener for trying three (3) times and alltogether like 47,6 minutes I found the bottle opener. So I poured a glass and realized I am way too tired to drink it at the living room or kitchen or dining room or sauna or bathroom so I decided to the only option we had to left; bedroom. So me, Peña and the wine went to the bed, all three of us and Felix Kjellberg joined us as well. Everything was going very dandy and good UNTIL Mr. Smith appeared somewhere and he convinced me to go Sauna and take (1) shot of Beluga, because I have never tasted before. Here is a picture of Beluga:

pic from here or actually I don’t remember if this was the bottle, because we can say that the situation escalated very quickly from having a glass of wine to being totally wasted with beluga. I genuinely do not know what happened, nor I want to know but there it was. I had bloody fun times but the morning after was a complet horror nightmare. It was a rollacoaster of emotions and battling with the death himself. So let’s not talk about it more. But there you have it. I drank Beluga in my bedroom and got so wasted I had to get bin next to me. Was it classy? no. Was it something a twenty plus years old woman should do? no. Would I do it again? also no 😀

Tallinn has been as beautiful as it is always. And now because we all are really shook about the Beluga story let’s take something lighter for a bit. So here is some of my OOTD from last days (hihi because a #lifestylebloggerlyfe)

As I said I am always the girl who goes to sit with the one weirdest people on the corner who doesn’t speak to anyone because I want to talk deep with you. I want to see your soul and I do not care what did you achieved yesterday. SO I also apply this in other areas at my life. So they started to call me at the office THARAPY do you get it? Like therapy, but tharapy (ei Terapiaa vaan Tarapiaa suomeks :D).

Then my b-day rolled on the place and I got my beats headphones and I went to hambiravi which is dentist in Estonian and they ruined my teeth and they fucked my appointment time but it was okay, a bit dramatic but okay. BACK TO BEATS; What can I say the Gods of music Dr. Dre & Jimmy Lovine did a great job. Literally I do not even want to know your opinion over it. They are great, discussion ended. With those headphones I also got a baby from another person. Here he is: So that baby is called Saku Salin. He is like a baby and remembering my gardering experience and great professionalism it should not be a problem for me. it likes to be in HOT HOT WATER! So I have to take care of that bastard a lot! But I have already developed an emotional bound with him so I hope he stays in the family. I won’t be keeping you updated about it, because I bet this one is more challenging and I am not ready to admit I am a bad gardener. Speaking still plants (yes I am gardener now) I got also a flowers from office. I almost cried because why not and I named it as Ulla Taalasmaa. And yes I know there are many of them but they are just different personalities of Ulla Taalasmaa. Here is she:

And now as we have had a great time thinking about flowers we can really quickly go through about my health condition which is still totally shit but I can not afford be out of office and staying home will drive me crazy so I just try to meditate and shit to keep my shit together. The situation is pretty shit but you just have to not think about all the shit and get on with it. NEXT TOPIC!

OH I ALMOST FORGOT! I went to see the new Bradley Cooper’s movie. It was his debut directing. It is my fav movie right now. I didn’t even like lady gaga, but now I think she is okay. But we all know I went there for Bradley Cooper. Here is trailer of that:

and if somebody still tries to convince me that they do not have affair after watching this movie it is meaningless. Because they have. You can say what you want. Publicity stunt or not they are together. Discussion ended. I am pretty determined these days, huh? I am sorry, I do not mean to come through rude but it is just absolute truth.

So there is that those two exposed. HMMM WHAT ELSE I AM  MISSING.

On this weekend I was playing with VR A LOT. I was beating beats (:-D) and shooting walking deads and beating some kind of monsters and being in a space ship full of demons. It was AWESOME and VR is always fun. So basically I had an anti social social club weekend. So now we kinda came to the end of the post and only thing is now missing is the last (most teaching words) Before that bonus pic about me and Peña

We do not usually keep dogs on the table but he was very needy and literally I do not have an explanation how he ended up in the amazone wooden table sitting with us. He tends to be really jealous of computers because he thinks we are cuddling with them instead of him.


I want to tell that I have finally came peace to thing that what comes comes and what goes goes and you just have to find what remains. Like really. I just stopped worry about the future. You know. The future can take a ship to Moldova, or the Canary Islands or Panama or something. Because that anxiety is not welcome anymore in this household. Also the other Einistein realization is that you do not have to excuse, explain or apologize ANY of your traits from anyone. Just move on if they do not like you. There are 7.5 billion HUMANS in this planet and if that is not enough I am pretty sure there is also other space there where is more some other species which are prolly pretty good too. The third thing I have recently understood that I do not want to anymore walk from any situation with the bad feeling. So why to have bad feelings when you can have good ones? And finally, the more you give love, the more you give love (:-D) So peace and love everybody I am out! PS. Stay tuned for the el Peña post, it is going to be  A LOT OF FUN.

pps. this post was fullfilled with bad humor. take it as a joke. lol.


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