how do I feel and look without makeup ?


This is me just before going to bed tonight.
It took me under 5 minutes to take those selfies & I put every single picture on this post that I took.
If there are two of them, I wanted you to see the difference if I put filter on.

As I was cutting my hair in the bathroom I really got inspired to write something.

I was watching some interviews and just finished reading one book and went to the bathroom do that cutting thing to my hair. That got me wonder how ironic it is that I come from a family where beauty industry has been highly appreciated, and I have never go to hair dresser outside of my own family. So here I was cutting my own hair, without any tutorial and really liking it.

I just finished cleaning my face and put the moisturizer on and I was staring myself in the mirror. I was remembering the time when I was sixteen and I loved to take selfies to the platforms that were back then very popular.

So as a nostalgia, if you wish, I took couple of pictures.
So here they are.
Me totally raw.
Without any fancy lighting or super posing.
No make-up on.
Not got my teeth fixed yeat.
No fancy editing.

Me with the outfit (without any supporting things u know what I mean) that I go to sleep with. The only thing I did, was put that moisture on my face and straightened my hair in order to cut it. And to be honest these pictures make me really happy, beause I look happy in them. And that is because- it was a good day today, and -yesterday as well. I kinda understood that I am very lucky to be healthy in many way.
And I am really lucky to have people around me who accept me as who I am and who let me bloom as much as I want to. They water me and take care of me when I need it. And I hope I can do the same thing for them when they need it.

My friend sent me yesterday a message which I also shared in my IG story. In addition to that I spoke with my other friend at phone hours. Those both conversations made my heart warm and they made me to see the positive side in those traits in me which I have been recently tried to push down to bit, if you wish.
And that was one contribution too, to make me smile.

After the office hours I headed myself to the swimming pool. My idea was to clear my lungs and just quiet my world off for a while. There happened a loads today but I am currently too tired to share any of that, but long story short- it was all positive and it made me giggle a bit. I think it was that kind of day, which you call perfect.

I felt good about my environment, myself and I felt truly happy.

I will write you in the next post more about that-
If I still remember 😉 

ps. these were interesting videos to watch. I think we have all related in those emotions in one phase in our life on one perspective or another.

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