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So this lung devil totally took me. Three weeks ago in Friday afternoon I yelled to my co-workers proudly how this devil is going to be conjured out of me by bottle of whiskey in the evening.

My co-workers watch me and laughed a bit.

-Let that devil come and I will show to it that nobody messes with Queen T I said

-Well if you say so they said

Well -it didn’t work quite as planned. So I have been having this horrible lung issues and I haven’t been able to do anything beside sleeping all my free time. Even a bit dust around me and I feel completely beaten. Somebody told me that “you have been now three months sick lying at home”  First of all- I haven’t been lying at home but instead what I have been doing is that, I have been taking care of myself and working as we do not have so good social security in Estonia and SECONDLY 😀 can you imagine how I feel. I am the whom lungs are on fire constantly. It is not nice to be all the sudden taken away everything from your life that keeps you alive; socializing, dancing, and going to the gym. Nobody wants to be at home when everybody else is at the gym or holding a party. Or maybe someone does, but that ain’t me. I didn’t say it. Instead I just felt a bit hurt and probably gonna keep that in my heart till grave takes me (:-D it got really dramatic, really fast, but what you expect you know me :D:D:D).

BUT! dear ladies and gentlemen -after three weeks beating the devil out of me (Thank you Bob Ross) and in total after 3 months of battling I was able to go today TITTITIDII SWIMMING! I couldn’t stay long but oh man how I enjoyed. I swam and sat in the jacuzzi and swam again and went to Finnish Sauna and then to Steam Sauna and then I swam and then I went to store and bought a bottle of red wine. Now I am cooking and listening Billie Eilish, who is by the way totally obsession of mine. So I hope you are having as hopeful day as I am. Now my Turkish pasta is done and I am going to watch my favorite shows. Maybe next week I am going to be able go to gym already?  Maybe I can attend to dance trainings? Or maybe someone will kidnap me to Maldives?

we will never know.

thank you for coming to my press conference and sorry for being a negative nelly but it just hurts a bit okay? not only my lungs, but to my heart too 😀

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