I went back to my hometown in Greece after six years to meet my friends & that’s what happened

Two days before I was going to Greece I didn’t have a clue I was on my way. I was lying on my back in my home in Tallinn, contemplating life when I got a phone call. It basically said, pack your bags woman we are going to Greece meet your old friends.

I lived there six years ago, as we all know, I suppose. I speak a lot about Greece, because it has left a strong mark to my heart. I can tell you some stories about my life in Greece back then when I lived there if you are interested, but today I just want to focus my last trip and how it made me feel.

So it felt like home. I met my best friend (the one in the pic) there and we rode with scooter like all the other times 6 years ago. We went to my old work place, I visited my old apartment, we spoke and we laughed and it felt like no years have gone by, but so many different things has happened. We calculated that we have been friends ten years now. Ten years! it is a bloody long time. I honestly would never end up living Greece with this mate, and there is nothing how I could show my gratefullnes to him, how he helped me to get my life started in Greece. He helped me to find an apartment andย  a work place, and eventually let me to into their friend circle.

My favorite part in Greece beside the food is Greek people, their lifestyle and culture. I think we have a lot to learn from them.

I also saw all the Swedish people who had been the whole summer there like I used to and it made me so happy to see those smiling faces. Oh young happy people, I know how you feel, I was part of your gang once. I even got myself into working for a bit, just to refresh my old memories :D.ย I heard that the legend of Tara is still there, so just to make sure do not believe all they tell you ;D But if somebody mentiones Tara, it is prolly me, hahha.

I think I can not deny the fact that I have lived fast. I have lived so fast and I am absolutely grateful to all the experiences and opportunities I have had in my life. It felt good to go back to Rodos and see by myself that Greece is still doing fine, and I have not been forgotten there.

And more than that the feeling of leaving was bitter sweet. When I moved out from Greece I cried all the way to home, because I really didn’t want to leave to Finland. So I kinda left the door open. On this time I feel like I close the door and put the key really near to my heart.

I feel like my heart was reconstructed again.

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