what I regret most in my life

There is currently one thing that really bothers me but to be honest- I can not do anything about it anymore. And that is the thing I believed as younger self when adults were telling me that I can not do something when there was so strong willigness to do that thing.

As a master’s graduate I really believe my younger self. I had this burning desire to be professional artist as I was a child but I never ever got any support to it. I was told to be an average singer eventhough my music grades were always the best you can ever achieve. Even my High School music teacher told me I had potential.

And I think that is why I have been during this past six years written so much about the fact that you can do ANYTHING in your life if you just want it enough. And you should NEVER believe the adults, friends or your dearest ones if they put you down. If you really know that you want something. GO AFTER IT, because later on it might be too late.

So that being said- my biggest regret in life is that I freaking believed those people when I was younger. If I would see that young Tara now, I would still be her biggest cheerleader (Although I am a really shitty singer :-D). Still as going through two university degrees abroad I absolutely think those dreams would be appropriate & I still would see that girl achieving those things, who secretly dreamed about that stuff, but kept quiet because she was learned that she couldn’t do it.

I would do ANYTHING to take those years back, but I just can’t. What I can do, is still to reach them even if it might be a bit late now.

So promise me, you little soul.

If you 100% know what you want (if you have to question yourself is that what I want, it is not).

GO after your dreams. Because I was too naive and dumb not to do it when other people told me that I couldn’t.

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