the time when Post Malone saved my life

There is nothing more impostant than Post Malone’s music in rap genre.ย  I have written so many posts in my old blog about how important role music plays in my life. I have spent my whole childhood and teenage years in dance studios, I wrote my master’s thesis about Finnish rap music and authenticity in it and I can not leave my home without my earphones.

I have listened all genres. When I was a teenager I started listened rock (Killers) screamo (BMTH) and post-hardcore (silverstein). Later on I found indie rock and finally I feel deeply in the rabbit hole of rap music. Nowadays there nothing more important to me than trap/rap and the new comer; techno. I do not know much about techno yet, but I am eager to learn about it more. I even did some of own techno beats, which literally sounded like shit and makes my ears bleed, but they are hand made :-D.

I have to admit that before I tried it and got to know the whole techno and culture around it, I kinda looked down it a bit. You know, the stereotypical way to see techno as something easy you do with your computer. I am embarrased to admit that, because that is not only naive but it is also absolutely wrong. But like in many things, people often judge something they don’t know anything about.

So back to the rap. I have written down some things I want to reach during my life. The things were such as reaching placement in a dance competitions (checked), move and built a life abroad (checked) and then ofcourse most important part SEE POST MALONE LIVE.

Back in January, it was bloody cold and snowy Tuesday morning when I arrived to or office, and one of my closest mates asked me did I know post malone is coming to Estonia. I was pretty sure I heard something wrong.

WHAT DO YOU MEAN, I screamed.


Somebody please call the cops, posty is coming to Estonia, I yelled and ordered tickets right away.

I didn’t know with whom with, or how I will travel to see him, nor where I am going to sleep but OH MAN you can be sure AUSTIN POST I AM COMING FOR YOU BABE. And so did my journey to see post malone started. It was first fun to count on days but I felt like day by day it got more serious. Okay now this gets too deep man, and I am not sure if all of you understand my humour so well, so let’s not pour anymore gasoline to the fire to people think I am absolutely crazy (Yes I hear about that rumour :-D)

So like always in good stories there came a few variables that made me think maybe I should miss the gig. I fell a bit sick, and I was really contemplating if I should go or not. But finally I decided I will regret SO MUCH if I wont go. So I went. And oh man- I can tell it was the best freaking hour of my whole entire life.

I sang, I laughed (maybe also cried, but won’t admit it because I am not a pussy) and mr Smith was holding me on his shoulders so I could see Austin Post. I couldn’t deny in that moment that I was still sick, but for a moment I felt alright. I felt like there is still light, maybe not in the end of the tunnel, but in the tunnel.

Mr. Smith was also totally sober, hates croweded places and had to drive me back and forth there so I appreciate the effort man :-D. The whole weekend festival’s main stage was really fancy and as the weather treated us well, sand beneath our feet and the cold sea water made the venue look like paradise with all the palm trees. Also my best friend was there so we danced together to some techno music and I felt alive more than maybe ever before. It made my question again, why I don’t go more often to festivals and gigs because I love them more than anything.

I referred in my earlier blog about the occurance happened last start of Autumn. I told how somebody basically attempt to make my life harder and turn everything I love against me. Even Post Malone (:-D) don’t ask a long story. But in that moment I decided that he can take anything but Post Malone he won’t ruin for me. And he didn’t. Vice versa, it was my survivor mood. I listened him over and over again. I danced to his music when I was sad and I danced to them when I felt happy. I listen him still in car, on my way to work, in studio and at the gym.

The music is really the one and only way to safe me even from myself somethimes. Dancing and lifting are cool, but when it gets hard in public place it would be a bit odd to start dance popjazz in middle of the crowded buss stop with tears on my eyes. Btw I dance when I am happy at buss stops too, sooooooooo. But you know the jazz. Music has literally saved my life. It has got me over some things I could never handle by myself. I hope it does same thing for you as well.

But all in all- Post Malone – It’s yes from me

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