let’s speak about pageant & modeling industry

First of all- what would TARAWHO post be without a disclamer! so here it comes. These pics are not the best quality this time, but I feel like I want more to share the feeling what feels to be titled as a beauty queen in a pageants rather than look the visuals on this post- so just you know. Well you know- because you are my internet friend already. Also, I don’t want to now talk about any of the things I dislike on this industry, but rather show you the positive side of it. The not-so-glamour side of this industry needs whole own post, and time is not now.

So here are pictures from time I got crowned first time to the date I gave my crown away. And as my manager back then said to me -this was only the beginning. So as said, in this post I do not want to concentrate about how ruthless and challenging the whole beauty industry can be, but I want talk more about how it felt to be crowned and how it felt to be titled as Miss Globe Finland.

As in many industries, also in modeling/beauty industry they can have their own challenging sides. But you just need to learn to deal with them and find right people around you. For instance, the manager I have now, is absolutely best manager. I can trust him fully and he always sends me to GOOD competitions and I can be sure I am taken care of.

Being crowned as beauty queen came me around the corner. It is whole different story, but long story short- I was filming one tv-show where someone found me and convinced me to get on with pageants. Me, international Scandinavian weirdo thought that thing as a silly offer, but as I am curious and always ready for new challanges I finally promised to come and participate.

Well that turned out well- having crown and everything. The first weeks were so confusing. My phone was ringing like crazy and I read some stories about me in the internet that I was so confused even if I had said those things in those interviews. I always remember the very first interview being released and I just froze in front of my international business workplace’s computer.

From there on I went to Canada to stay there almost five weeks. It is nice to drink champagne, get limousine rides with safety guards and be around people who want to take pictures with you all the time and to be only referred as “Miss Finland” but it is also HARD WORK. And by hard work I mean 4 hours sleep, countless hours of high heels and being scheduled every day from morning to late night. It is fun, it can be glamorous when you go to the right competitions, but it is not easy.

You are constantly competing- and not competing what you can or can not do, but you are competing as who you are. -As a person who you are and how you look. And in those settings you give other people to power to influece you. I remember this one time, I was in photoshootings and some lady from the directors just told me basically that I look fat. I haven’t eaten the whole day anything so I just laughed it off and pulled my panties a bit higher. You know, things like this happen and if you are not confident enough and can not keep your reality and your head straight this industry is not for you. So I am happy I don’t give damn about that kind of comments, but I know all the girls weren’t same in those shootings. On the other side, having own make-up and hair artist as well as being filmed was something I really liked. I am very comfortable around cameras when I can speak English and the interviewer is good, so I enjoy that side of the industry.

Not talking about that more -I have been treated rather fairly in all of my events and shows. My current manager is absolutely best and still invites me to competitions which I am dying to go for, and he has always been so supportive about everything.

It was quite a ride to come from kokkola and to be crowned outside your own country and then to fly different competitions around the world. But it was very very teaching and rich experience.

I would never change that experience to anything.

What was also weird to notice, how other people treat you once you get some attention like that. I always remember right after the news broke in my small hometown’s newspaper, how a girl who used to treat me badly back in my hometown all of the sudden sent me friend request in facebook. How superficial people can really be, still amazes me.

In those competitions people who go to international (good) competitions are often quite intelligent. And that is vice versa to the stereotype that people have about beauty queens. But the thing is that nowadays you need much more than only your face. Referring to earlier paragraph you are judged as who you are and how you look. So that includes your brain as well. Ofcourse those competitions include also girls whom priorities are somewhere else than being nice to others but honestly I think most of the girls I spent time in those competitions are very kind and intelligent, especially in competitions with my current manager. They are highly educated and experienced, so we know already what is the jazz.

I am still very grateful for all the sponsor that supported me during my time in Canada and in Cyprus. You are the mvp!

If you are interested about these things more, please let me know ;> I have loads of stories about crazy runaway shows to funny shootings.

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