the truth about the time when I lived in Greece

The first time when I moved out from my childhood home to Greek island was with one luggage with me. I didn’t have a hotel, nor apartment booked or even the flights back to home. I had some cash with me and a good friend. A day before I went I facebooked (it was kinda fresh platfrom back then) my Greek friend which I promised last year that I will come this summer and live with rest of you.

He answered me and couldn’t believe that I actually kept my promise, and I couldn’t believe I was moving. I had hardly turned 18 back then & I remember back in Finland going sometimes sleep and being a bit scared of it all. But I knew how to suppress those feelings and focus on the positive. I kept telling myself everything is going to be alright, and that was the strategy I had surived till that day, and it worked.

We spent a night in small German airport with my friend and finally when we arrived the island of the god of sun, it sure was shining. We stayed first in a castle which my friend’s friend owned. It was beautiful mansion in old town, but we felt like we wanted to have our apartment. And as I am one who has to have everything right now and immediately we took an apartment in central of Rodos. We shared one room which was small as a hobbit home, and dirty af. But we had a nice shower and a nice bathroom. There was so many weird things in that apartment and for instance our landlord was old grandpa who didn’t speak any other language but Greek and my Greek was not in that state in the beginning I could communicate with him, so we used just our body language everytime when he once a month came and ask money for the apartment. There were cockroaches everywhere, and first we catch them, but later on they became our friends. We gave names for them even. And the best part was- our internet connection only worked if you put your laptop outside of the window, so you had to hold it with one had and write with another 😀 It wasn’t luxury in any means, but it was life.

The thing was, that it was one of the best experiences of my life. Our wage or the working hours weren’t good, but they were fun. We made 6-days week and our working day started whenever sun started to come down and stopped when people wen’t home. We were the only girls in that bar, and all of our working mates were Greek men. Looking back to it now, I think I have never worked so much in my life with so low salary and lived in so shitty apartment with so less stuff with me. But you know what, I have never also been happier than I was back then.

There was a lot of things that needed to be handled and some of it was also difficult. But with my best friend, we stuck together and found humor in everything. We made all the bad situations to the funniest by laughing it out. And we were allright. Actually, we were more than allright. The thing was, back then we didn’t have those handy smartphones and calling to Finland was super expensive, so we just had to figure out everything by ourselves.

I sacrificed a lot for that time spent in Greece. I left my beloved first boyfriend who was never anything but good to me, and I left behind also my old workplace, bunch of friends and dancing. But the thing is, that my heart will always belong to Greece. I love that place, and I always feel home there more than anywhere else.

Don’t get me wrong. Tallinn is my home now. But it does not take the fact away that I am madly in love with Greece still.

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