consistency and having ice cold, clear and positive mind is the key

All people who have done something creative work or sports with some clear vision about it know the jazz. It is always the same thing, for me atleast, when I create my choreographies. Really plainly said, here goes the steps in two categories; first when I create it & then when I start to teach it.

  1. Creating the choreography. I have the best idea ever. It is invincible. B e s t .
  2. Where I start this thing. Oh I start it here. Oh I got so much stuff to do.
  3. This one part. What I will do for it. There is nothing it suits. Okay, I will do a compromise. Okay I have to do a compromise. Compromise is okay. This is okay. I am okay. We are OK.
  4. It is ready. It turned out to be good.
  5. Starting teaching it is always interesting. Girls are eager to hear and learn, I am eager to get to see my vision and they improving their skills.
  6. Then when it is ready and it is time to start improving it as a whole.
  7. Then becomes doubt. Everything feels s h i t. The choreo doesn’t look good and usually it is the time when you have to get your music final edits done, get someone to sew the costumes and at the same time motivate dancers. The most stressing situation of all. And I think here most of us screw up. Now, in my humble opinion is to calm your tits, and keep your head ice cold. If you now start to make changes you will go out of your path to dark forest and dark forest is not a good place to be. Then you became sad and sad spelled other way around is das, and das not good. Keep calm man!
  8. Always when the step seven comes, you are really close to feel good about it and be ready. Now you just have to enjoy.

So as a summary; keep calm, consistent and try to think clearly even when the pressure is on. Trust your gut and sense and don’t do impulsive decisions when under the pressure. You got this!


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