a fresh new start

So here I am. Saying good bye to my old, so beloved apartment where I stayed 6 years and paid almot 40k from it. It was home for me for a while, you know. So we have some memories together. First it was mine and someone else, and then I stayed there alone rest five years. We had happy moments, but oh man, how we had bad moments as well. That apartment has seen be writing my bachelor’s thesis and my master’s thesis. It has saw all my dearest friends, it has seen me crying and laughing but most of all – it has been my beloved nest for almost my whole entire adulthood.

All in all- it feels good to have a brand new start. And the best part is- I could have a dog now.

But it needs to be said that I am literally embarassed how much I have stuff I own and I think I need it all. As I was moving I threw 6 big bags stuff to the trash! can you imagine, it is crazy -me, who always call herself minimalistic. That is not minimalism my dear internet friends. It is hoarding, I say. I am a hoarder! And the best part is -I have 18 bags/boxes to move! plus all my furniture. What is that? Like how????? I was single like on-off 4 years atleast and I have 20 plates. Who needs twenty plates, when I NEVER threw parties and I ALWAYS wash my dishes after eating. I think I will go through them once more when I unpack my things and throw rest of thngs away. I also feel quilty about six workout and dance shoes I have. This is embarrasing. I will never buy new shoes again. I will be jesus rest of my life. Or jesus had those flip-flop things so, I don’t think that is a right methaphore. But you know, some other cool guy.

Jesus take the wheel

Nevertheless, it is me versus world in a whole new perspective. It scarys me a bit- but I trust this feeling that always if it feels a bit scary, you are going in a right direction.

Yesterday mr. Smith helped me to move my stuff, to here. It seems to be my blessing or a curse to live always in pent houses (:-D this ain’t 140m2 pent house, but highest floor still :-D). I was yesterday still 3AM organizing here stuff alone, but I couldn’t do everything because let’s say that last tenant first priority wasn’t cleaning. But it is okay, I will get cleaning lady here while I am away and it all will be alright.

Transitions in life are always very challenging for me for some reason. It makes me often feel hopeless and lonely. My friend today maybe had some psychic skills but he came here and we ate salad and he brought me a small cute toy which is sitting on my lap now. We finished organizing together and carried last of the bags to the trash together.

For now it feels a bit scary and you, you know. I have never moved alone in apartment first. I have been living alone, but I always first started with someone. But I do know my friend lives really close to me so if anything happens I just ran 😀

I am kidding ofcourse. So here we are my sweet internet friends. It really is a new era in the kingdomn. Are you with me?


ps. we lost a soldier in this battle

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