it’s a secret society, all we ask is trust ☾ trustworthy & loyalty


I wrote a while ago to my twitter that if you have ever helped me or defended me when I have really needed it, or even if I didn’t needed it, I will always remember you.
And that is not a lie.

There are two ways to make eternal impact on my heart; to stand on my side & show me good music. And you can be sure I will never forget you.

Loyalty and being trustworthy are traits that I highly appreciate in humans. There is no better way to built trust with someone that stand by their side when they most need it. Loyalty is royalty they say, and they are not wrong.

There has been lately appeared few people in my life who have showed these traits to me. And that make my heart full.

And more than that it makes me see the world such a shinier place.


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