there are lambs & lions in this world ☾ #TaraMongeau


It has became an official joke with my friend that she calls me Tara Mongeau, because I always end up in very problematic situations just being me. My other best friend always tells me that there must be some curse on me because basically only laying on my couch I can make world shake 😀 It has been a big joke in our friend circles from the time I was teenager and we have got punch of good jokes about it.

The great thing with this life is that you can decide what is your own attitude toward something. You can be a lamb or a lion (or an elephant if you like to) You can whether manifest it and be yourself full on or then you can let the negative thoughts consume your valuable time. The good thing here is -and I truly believe that it is up to you to which road you want to take. There is no greater feeling than being fully on yourself, making new friends and feeling loved in that way.

I have been very lucky to have very safe environment to grow up. My family made sure that my confidence was built in very strong way. For instance, I have never had any body image issues or any bigger insecurities about myself. And that had set up me for very good life in the sense of being comfortable with myself. And that is something I am so highly grateful to my parents. And I think that is something everybody deserves to feel in their life.

To feel confident,

beautiful in their own unique way.

And if somebody tries to knock you down- remember to take it as a compliment.

Then you know, you shine ☾

xoxo your favorite Scandinavian gurl (or grown ass woman as I refer myself in PUBG)

xoxo your favorite Scandinavian gurl (or grown ass woman as I refer myself in PUBG)

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