pyrin pysyy vaan liikkeessä ja nää haterit parasta viihdettä

One of my best friends was visiting me here in Tallinn this week. I didn’t give her any mercy, and right from Thursday evening I took to the Telliskivi to have some dinner. We laughed, she got a bit know to my friends and went sleep after chilling in balcony.
The next day we went to the beach where someone stole my phone (!!!!!!) but I got it back before the thief got too far away.
I armed all the kids in the beach to find the phone, and afterwards bribe them with bananas.
They were happy, so I was happy.
That was tragic for a moment but we made a quick come up from that 😀
In the evening we made mini-dead in my apartment, ordered some vegan/vegeterian food to my home and got our shit together and headed to show my best friend parties are done. We had quite big group of lovable people and we listened some techno and danced till the morning.
After the after parties were gone I cleaned a bit, and crawled happily to bed beside someone.
The next days we went to have lunch in old town a place where they have secret garden and in the evening we went to the adventure park.
I freaking love her, techno and warmth in Tallinn.
The weekend was a  p e r f e c t .
I hope I could keep her always here.
I went today first time to the gym after I do not even remember how long.

It felt epic, even though I took slowly.

I hope I can keep it up!
today is a good day (even though snowing would be nice surprise) but you know what, sometimes you just have to be grateful what you have 😀
ps. lue tää jos kiinnostaa hyvät kolumnit

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