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Today was the second day of me getting to the gym after a bit break.  It genuinly feels so odd to be back and feel the love and enthusiasm that I used to have  back in the days. Yesterday- as my first day,  I had a full-body workout and today I just got a bit sweaty mostly doing upper body and some lower body workouts as well.

I truly had forgot how awesome it feels to be arounded people with the sporty environment. I mean, eventhough I have been in the gym I have been mentally totally somewhere else.
I have just gone there because I knew I had to do it. Not because I loved to do it- and that seemed to be a problem.

Afterwards when we finished the gym, we went swimming to the gyms pool (which is pretty dope)  and it helped with the heath wave that is still boiling us here in Tallinn. After the workout we got poke bowls and then got home.

There has been good days lately and staying positive (and be arounded with loving people) has helped a lot, but when it rains it pours they say, and they are not wrong. Just when I thought it got a bit easier I found myself again in crossroads. I am middle of finding a new apartment because my current landlord’s relative moves to Tallinn for education and she needs the apartment back.

It is okay to move, because I have also wanted to find a new apartment, but to be honest now in addition to all this trying to find home is a bit overhelming. But you know what, life is sometimes overhelming and then you just have to figure out to see the positive side of it. And I am pretty sure I will find as beautiful apartment as I had and as good land lord as I had earlier. And as my friend said -it is an opportunity for a new start. So on that side it sounds super good. 

As a person I tend to be one who can point the exact problem and find solutions for it but the execution is not my strongest suit. But lately, I feel like I have been doing it better. So today- I did what anyone would do, and send a few applications for beautiful homes and I am pretty confident I will get one very soon.
But back to that gym thing. I am taking baby steps going back, and it felt SO therapeutic to go and lift some weights. It was like back on those old days when I lived for that. And I am so grateful for that. I somehow seem to be forgotted that there is whole full world outside there and so many people with ambitios and the willigness to improve themselves, that is awesome!
But something has clicked back in -and that is the feeling of doing my best in the gym and forgetting everything else meanwhile-
and for the moment I felt again-
and most of all

so cheers for that!
and if you have any living solutions for me hit me up! Id appreciate it.
I love you, thank you for reading my blog and being absolutely best internet friends I have.


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