pasta & friends

I have been trying to fill my days with friends and happy moments. I have been sleeping much better, and much more humanic timesย (not anymore those crazy 14-hour-sleeps)ย and I have also been able to grab back my healthy and balanced eating habitsย so-so.
few days ago, there was friends from Finland, warm weather and good pasta in old town. After that we had iced coffee (guys took the irish ones) as dessert and I felt very relaxed. I was wearing my rather new dress from Zara. It is super comfy and also cute!
In addition to that, I have been playing PUBG and obtained the chicken dinner in SQUADS and screamed to my team mates like crazy person fromย happiness.
Still not fully myself but just healing and taking care of my plants (I don’t have any).
Atleast I have my humor still.
Love ya!

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