it was brunette VS world

On Sunday we decided to have a team building event with my PUBG squad mate (and very good friend of mine)and we decided to go to the adventure park. My doc told me to do things what make me happy and I almost got a cold feet but then got encouraged to do that.
The first four routes were just fun. We decided not to be pussies and go always the hardest and the longest routes. The thing is that this kind of activity is my favorite. Like no, you do not understand. I LOVED Lara Croft when I was a child. Remember? I always played all the tomb raiders through and as a child my dream job was be Lara Croft, then something happened and I went on different industry 😀
So that being said being, hanging higher than the road lamps is really something that makes you forget all the other possible things that are inside your mind. We had such a good time, encouranging each other and figuring out how to get to the next “safety place”.  Because the routes do not need always only phsyical power, but logical and analytical thinking as well, and that is what it makes so fun (Just like TOMB RAIDER!)
 In middle of the woods, 8 meters high, and only one rope to your feet with 5 meters still ahead to go, it really makes you challenging yourself and the person you are with. It always came in the middle of one challenge when I started doubted myself, causing the whole wire to shake, causing me shake and then I thought this is JUST LIKE MY LIFE.
I started panicking how long there was still ahead, although I was doing SO GOOD till that point. So I did what I should do in life as well, as a methaphore, if you wish. I took one step at time. Calmed down. Breathed and heard Kristos voice yelling at me “you are almost there, keep on going, you are a though girl“. And that is how I managed. 
I trusted myself, kept calm, heard others and took one step at time.
It really is you VS world up there.
Every route ends up to this long as slide where you are just hanging around in the air while flying between the woods, and it is always rewarding feeling.
I would recommend the experience to anyone who has done sports and is not afraid of hights and has persistence and able to keep calm. And oh yes- don’t be afraid of bruises, it gets hard in last routes.
it was one of my best days in this summer.
love, your favorite Scandinavian witch, Tara

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