being alright for a moment


Today I visited one rooftop parties and I wore the dress I have been dying to wear past few weeks but haven’t got a chance. The kickack was such a good time and I am so happy I got invited. The settings and the vibe was perfect. I am now already out of the parties because I am still not in party shape but it made good to socialize and got myself out there. I wish I could go to techno parties today like the others, but I ย am grateful to those moments I had today. Now I will remove my make-up, ย crawl to my bed to watch some youtube videos and hopefully fell asleep pretty soon.

It feels good to be back in Tallinn and I am grateful for the perspective I have regained back during past weeks & I know that the day comes when I look back to this time and say “wow, without that I would’t be here, and where I am now is pretty comfy place to be”

Remember to tell the people who you love that you love them. Nobody shouldn’t take granted the people who love you and support you. And oh man how past few weeks have shown me that.

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