everybody trying to tell me what I stand for

y o my dear interent f r i e n d s !

what’s cooking good lookingย (like my friend still keeps saying me :-D).
My other friend texted me and said that the world needs Tara and I couldn’t agree more XD

Me and my friend has been phoning a lot lately. I still can not pronounce some things, which makes my friend laugh which makes me laugh and then the world is a bit better, shinier place again for a moment.

I am dreaming after that getting myself into the train and come fix some things I let totally in middle in Tallinn ANNNND I am also super excited to arrive Tallinn because there are some cool things waiting for me.

I have tried to keep positive mindset today and it lifted my overall health majorly (surprise! for the girl who have six years spoken in her blog about the holy triangle of physical-social-mindset wellness ๐Ÿ˜€ my mom asked me yesterday if I am sure I graduated with MA papers because I was so dumb in that moment :D:D I am now questioning it myself). A couple of downfalls and loads of tears also was included in today’s mindest, but then somethig clicked in my heart after crying and screaming my heart out,ย  I felt that radiating love is better option. whatahel man why would I get upset over things I can not change literally I am so dumb bish sometimes.
PLUSSSS It is summer.
It is literally the warmest summer that I can recall.
I can either stay home and feel sorry for myself or I go outside and do the things that make me happy and be arounded the people who make me feel better.
I can make those people day’s who have made my days.
And oh sure I will.

So I choose to radiate.
I radiate love so freaking much that the d-vitamin I radiate outside will make me tan and cured.
I hope you all radiate with me!
ps. this song is L I T !ย ๐Ÿ”ฅ

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