mitä sitä elää varovasti


I had blast on last week. I was joggling between going to the gym, office and going out. If I had a room mate, I bet he wouldn’t recognize me anymore because I haven’t been at home at all. On Friday I was so tired after my work day and I truly wanted to just stay home with Emma, but then I decided to get myself together and go to visit my friend who had birthday parties. After that I ended up with my friends to Kopli some techno parties. I have lately fell in love with that kind of music and I bet it has something to do with my eternal love to grime music. Well I think- we all knew to wait for that. I could just spend my life in techno parties.

On Saturday I woke up well-rested and took a bath. I was eating yesterdays pizzas on a bathtub and loving the life. We got ourselves together and went to the park to play some softball. I truly haven’t had so good time in a long time. I love to hang out in bigger groups and I love to get know to people. Especially when you find something common with them and you bound well.

Yesterday we went to the movies and I stayed up pretty late.

It was a good weekend, these kinds of weekends more, please.


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