I can put you in the Mile High Club, what´s up?☾



Hey dear internet friends! what’s up!
First of all, let me give you an advice. Like don’t go to shopping if you are sick, you will do wild things there. Or drunk. Don’t go shopping drunk. I have been drunk shopping and it is an absolutely shit show. You end up with air-filled flamingo in your home, so just don’t do that. Well I went yesterday to shop a bit while I was sick and I ended up with Ray bans at my house. I don’t know. Don’t ask.
I met today my Friend! we got lunch in old town and I had a good time. I am still a bit sick so I try to stay home tonight, but I know if someone tries enough to convince me to go to parties  I will give up 😀
 But trying my best. Yesterday we played PUBG’s new map, and we were kinda trash. But we will try again! it is just a bit hard now because my team mate is a footboll addict (Whether you admit it or not, I know you read my blog… u r an addict, fam) and now the footboll is all over the tv. So We need to schedule XD
What else! oh yes. I had my life’s worst night terrors/sleep paralysis yesterday. It was so so so so scary, but then I called my friend and it got a bit easier. I am kinda scared go to sleep now, because the terror was so horrible, that I do anything not to go that dark place again. But well- it will pass.
It was full moon -so the witch is going crazy.
Have a great weekend!

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