paljon sielu maksaa? paljon siit maksetaan?



I used to be the one who always said no to cakes, candies and all social restaurant evenings. All kinds of trips with the fellows I work on projects with, gave me anxiety and all the birthday parties were really uncomfortable for me. I spoke a lot years ago how people giving social pressure to eating a cake when being on a competition prep pissed me off. It sounds kinda funny now, but it was a real concern of mine years ago.

Let me explain.
I was Fitness 110%.
I lived for that shit.
I thought that eating my macros was the only way to feel happy and look the way I do.
I didn’t eat A N Y tasty stuff, normal stuff and instead of that I was deep in this fitness hole.
It was fun, but it was also a lot of bad feelings and made me miss so many good memories & moments!

I was so sure that if I eat an ice gream or two I will become plus 10kg.
Then I started to think about that this can not be right way to live my life.
I meanย -I loved that lifestyle but oh man how good it feels to eat cake with others when we are celebrating!
So I tried it. And my life happiness increased to 200%.
I do not know anything more empowering feeling than going to out with your loved one to eat breakfast together, or order food home without feeling bad about.

If you think you have obsession of food and unhealthy habits.
Just try something else.
You can always go back to your whole-fitness if that feels better.
But for me-
I still look so-so the same and enjoy so much more about life without quilty feelings.

ย I

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