what Sally says about Susie tells loads more about Sally than Susie

My friend always tells me that I am just like Tana Mongeau. That I end up in middle of r e a l l y weird situations where I do not have anything to do with and then I am the one who gets all the consequences and drama to my sholders. 
I feel like I have a lot of things to say in several things & sometimes I do think if I were supported the things I admired to do as a young human being, maybe things would be a whole lot different.
But as my other friend says to me 
-I will do it then in my next life.
It is comforting idea, isn’t it.
The same way that it is comfortable to think that one day we will live in the world were other people’s aim is not to hurt you or made you feel bad.
I always seem to come back to the same question after wondering.
Why do people say and do nasty things to each other purposfully sometimes.
And I think I do have an answer.
Hurt people hurt people 

I get,
but why is it so hard to remember when it is needed the most.
But the good thing is, that if somebody said nasty things about you
you are not the one who goes to bed with heavy heart
what Sally says about Susie
tells loads more about Sally than Susie
thus, suffering is needed occasionally and that’s the dark side, dear everybody.
Totally to other universe,
The other day me and my dear fitness buddy went to have an hour and half c r a z y ass body pump!
Last time I had that train was roughly a ten years ago so I decided to start REALLY easy and go straight to marathon body pump 😀
BUT OH GOSH we were sweaty and happy and the next day we felt like we have been hit by the truck.
Something inside of clicked again.
And that is the start of the burn that is brighter than the fire outside. 

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