Hoping that the rain just stops cause it reminds me of the day


there are some random facts about me you may not know…
* I always carry toothbrush and toohpaste with me. Because bish gets often just need to clean the teeth idk.
* Every time I leave my apartment it needs to be clean. That is the reason I am always almost missing my buss
*It is V E R Y hard for me to be concentrated to one movie the whole time without looking into my social media. But if I have company I am all good
*I really really really like Emma Chamberlain and Tana Mongeau
* I am very problematic and I hear lot about it. I don’t like hearing about it, but I am consicous about it
*I like clothes and unique styles a lot
*I think all the people are beautiful and I think everybody should know that themselves as well.
*I don’t get along people who are racist or judgemental.
*I am emotional hot mess most of the time (:-D)
lol idk.

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