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Let’s talk about beauty standards. Before going forward I think everyone should be able to do what they want with their looks & I think every choice is as good if you really just want to do it yourself and it doesn’t come from social pressure.That being said, a short conclusion about my background so you will get the idea where I come from. I started wearing heels when I was at 5th grade because I found them cool, I used to apply make up already back in that time, a quick shortcut to my pageant career and now all the way here. Among those lines I have become university graduate, I have danced a l o t & have had a couple of relationships. I grew up the adult I am now.

There were times when I had the full package on. I had lash extensions, fake nails, permanent makeup eyebrows. I think maybe that is not what young person needs. I consumed loads of how I look. I took them mostly because I have always had an obsession with long nails and beautiful things. I also thought that I look ok without any of them, but I just felt premium version of myself when I had them. I dyed my hair month by month. I consumed five different hair products, I had over twenty different moisturizers on my shell. Looking back to it now it is ridiculous.
The amounts of money and time I handed to big corporations was huge.
And the sad part of that is -that I was a component of supporting these beauty standards.

Then I met a girl.
The girl asked me several times why I wear makeup. So I told her because of me, and because I like to do it. She didn’t let me go so easily but told me several times that she thinks I look more beautiful without anything.
I laughed, rolled my eyes and forgot the thing.

Or that was what I thought at least.
I am afraid that some of it stayed with me.
I found myself in a cage that I built together with the society.
I somehow was convinced that it was what I wanted, and I was also convinced that it was the way how I should put up in order to get the places I want and be around the people I want.

Then something happened.
A travel to the inner self, if you wish.

I wanted to challenge myself so I drop all my old hair products and just didn’t buy them.
I was curious to see what happens.
From that followed by dropping lashes, nails, most of the expensive moisturizers, most of my make-up. In the end, for a while, I didn’t even have make-up remover. I replaced them with oils and all kind of bullshit that all the hippies use. And what can I say -I liked it.

My hair has never been so healthy and long.
My nails are longer than my fake nails back then.
but most of all-
I have hanging around people who are dope.
I have become dope myself (:-D).
Where earlier I stressed so much if my lipstick were right color, nowadays my stress levels are -5.
Nobody has treated me any differently without makeup (Well now I lied, I get better customers services when I have my fake fur on and a full face of makeup which is sad, but I think it is a symbol of money).

The Internet has enabled us to access the information we didn’t have the opportunity to do before. I this means, everyone with good media reading skills can educate themselves as much as they want.
It has also made a selfie society.

What the selfie society really is, (as Finnish journalist Tuomas Enbuske wrote 20.2.18 in his blog press here to read it)  is feminism. Or equality, if you wish. Where before old Hollywood men decided what kind of positions and faces of women went to magazines, they also controlled the beauty standards.

And that is why if you really hate selfies, I recommend you to take a trip to yourself and ask why.
It is not narcissistic. It is self-love.

The same way that taking selfies and being able to be without makeup is an individual choice, I think everyone should be able to decide whether they shave or not.
If you don’t share the idea with me, I recommend you to watch Stephi’s video where she kindly explains history of shaving a bit.

Now you must contemplate there if I will never use make-up and if I have armpit hair.
Well, I think that is something you just have to come and see yourself.
If I am an ambassador of a woman who wants to be without makeup or not shave or take a lot of selfies it doesn’t mean that I have to do it myself.
It means, that I accept and support the idea people looking the hell they want to look.

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