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Y O !

This week was kinda crazy. I did almost 9 hours days in the office, got back to the studio, did 3 times lifting this week, finalized the first version of my thesis’ theory part, cooked a lot, didn’t eat fast food and slept way too little. However, it has been a very rewarding week. Tomorrow my plans include continue writing my thesis during daytime and relax in the evening. On Sunday I won’t do anything university/ job-related.
Next week I am back at university again. I have two courses to conclude and my thesis and then I will have a master’s degree. It is crazy how fast this master’s part went. It is even crazier to think what all has happened during this two years.
When I got out of office and from the gym today I was so very tired and I totally passed out on my sofa for an hour. I didn’t felt like writing after a long week at work, and I had given anything to go straight to sleep. But as a surprise I woke up and started writing, and I have to say it was a good feeling to get one part so-so ready. Now I just really want to watch some series and just relax a bit before falling asleep.
I tend to be often a cry baby–  not if somebody offends me what-so-ever but I am kinda emotional human being. I think, past month I have made my personal record not crying at all for million years but today- damn- I broke it. I watched Grace’s Instagram story where she took her boyfriend to surprise trip. They headed to the airport and she was filming him as they were landing to a destination unknown. The face, when he realized they are going to Amsterdam, was priceless and it truly stick with me. So I cried a bit. And then I hoped someone would do something as thoughtful for me or I would be able to do that to someone.
I really would like to write something how I have been giggling and bubbly and happy and excited and at the same time very rational. But damn your principles sometimes are so tempted to be forgotten when your heart just shows the way.
I tend to forget the life lifts you if you just give it a chance. But it requires a punch of bravery and thinking outside the box. Again- I found myself in a better place in career-wise than ever before. And the thing is- I never knew it would come.
But I guess that’s what you get when you make an effort to be fearless and open minded-
you may find treasure at the end of the rainbow.




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