don’t confuse reality the way you describe it; you didn’t come in to this world you came out of it. You are no stranger here🌙

Let’s speak about dreams.
I won’t go into way too deep into this matter, because this is my favorite topic and a blog post cannot in any shape or form make justice for this issue, but just to give you an idea what dreams mean to me, I would like to share something with you, my dear internet friend. 
If you are not up to some dream-world action and you just believe things you can touch I highly recommend you to skip this post.
I am not asking you to believe me, and to be honest, if somebody would tell these stories to me I experience during nights I wouldn’t believe them even myself, the skeptical witch I am.
But still, here I am doing these crazy things during my sleep whether I want to believe it or not.
I have always seen dreams a lot.
But it is hard to measure because I only know my own mind and my own dreams, but I quickly realized when I started to become the young adult I am that all people do not see dreams as much.
The thing with me is, that all my dreams are vivid.
People have told that if they look sky during a sleep they can see something bizarre or when they walk in a dream they float. But me – in my dream world everything is very similiar the one we are experiencing now.
And that makes sometimes hard to make a difference for a reality.
It is standard for me to see several dreams in a night.
When my hormones are wild I see more of them- or when the moon is in right place (atleast now you think I am crazy :-D).
Sometimes it is hard for me to come back to this reality after a heavy night of dreaming.
Some dreams stick with me the whole day.
Some of them float away right after I have woke up.
Some of them I share with my friends-
and some of them I keep all by myself.
I see a lot of nightmares, and I talk eyes wide open during my sleep.
I do some silly things such as walking, scratching floor and putting things in different places during my sleep.
And all this, when I wake up I can not recall.
My mother had the same issue when she was younger,
and so did my great granddad. Back in that time, he was diagnosed with blood vain problems in his head. I diagnosed him just being spiritual.
I have tried to lucid dream, and I have succeeded only once.
And the thing is, I probably won’t try it for a long time again.
Being able to lucid dream would be awesome, but it doesn’t feel right in many different way.
Lucid dreaming was the only time when I realized I am seeing a dream; therefore I can not watch my dream end if I lose it like some people can.
Most of the times I am an active person- me- in a dream.
But I have also seen dreams where I have been watching over my friend’s actions.
When somebody holds me and I feel safe, I sleep better.
And that’s the thing I have talked here many years that it is hard for me to go to sleep without anyone near to me who is actually close to my heart.
I don’t like sleeping alone much, but I have got better at it over a time.
Sometimes it takes me two times to come out of dreaming because I experience sometimes paralysis. Expect, I am not paralysed all the time, but all the other things are same.
Nowadays I try to be very careful with whom I share my experience because I often forget that all people do not have heart same as me. Getting asked to go to the doctor sounds silly.
My dreams may sound terrifying to you, but for me, they are my night time escape route to a different universe.
Afterall, don’t you think it is a bit crazy just to wipe it out one of third our whole lifetime just by saying it is coincidence what you experience during a night.
It is just a cosmic giggle and product of all you have seen during a day.
Whether is a coping mechanism or portal to another world
– I think we should respect them.
Human conscious is an interesting topic.
I am not saying I have any proof that our conscious is somehow attached one to each other,
but I am sure we are way too bumptious about what we really know about this world.
Afterall, as Alan Watts said,
Don’t confuse reality the way you describe it
I still think we know only a bit about this cosmic giggle of ours.

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