I lose every girl I love when I’m on tour running from my problems ’til my feet get sore

y o!

as said, this Christmas time came so incredibly fast. I think this is the first Christmas that I cannot actually spend a bit time in the north. I have a couple of days and then I am back to work. Oh yeah, I think I haven’t told you that I have been working in a new company for a couple of weeks. The job itself is very interesting and has taught me a lot, but still my favorite part of it is the people.
You know, sometimes when you have been so long doing the same things you just forget that there might be so much better available. And then something happens and your life just gets into this new path and you found yourself in a better environment.
Yesterday after a long ass week I took a boat to Helsinki and stayed in the downtown hotel a night. I was absolutely exhausted for past couple of weeks so I just decided it is better for me to stay in hotel, write my thesis, take a bubble bath and sleep. The bed was so comfy and big that I could stay there forever. I also went to have some snacks and took so warm bubble bath.
It is a lot to try to keep on a full-time job and full-time studies and at the same time trying to write my master’s thesis. In practice, it basically means that all my free time I am either writing or thinking about writing my thesis. It sometimes takes me away from the present moment which is not, of course, cool, but I try to clear my head in other ways. Like lifting and, well wine :-D.
This writing and research surface has given me so much. If id never graduate I have got so much out of this project. Writing thesis about something you are genuinely interested is so different than writing about something you don’t care at all. This process has taught me so much about people, and how many different perspectives you can have on some issue, but most of all it has taught about myself. It has changed my perspective toward rap culture and deeper my understanding toward it and music industry in general.ย  Best part of it is that when you finally reach a smaller milestone you feel so good. Sometimes you just have to push yourself a bit out of the edge to be able to get better feeling.
I think that is just how life works.
Year 2017 truly knocked me into my knees. It put me through some shit I would never hope even my worst enemy. Or maybe to her, but not any other ๐Ÿ˜€ (I am kidding). But I still made it. I didn’t fail any course, I worked the whole year, I spent worst 10-weeks of my life being sick, I danced, I went to the gym and I started my thesis project. I had one dance competitions and prep to it, I did some things I thought I would never ever do, and I got a lot closer to my friends. I found some new good artist, I reduced the make up I wear and I started to think who I really am under all these things, and what things are the things that really matter. I left my old workplace and I went to new one. I took a trip around the universe, I probably acted more during my sleep that I have ever done before. I got bigger glutes. I traveled, I went to flow festival and Iย conquered myself in many ways. I taught that I am not maybe as good people understander that I though earlier ๐Ÿ˜€ year 2017 was not the gentlest one, but I bet it was one of the most eventful. And I truly think year 2017 and the things I experienced during that time will have a huge impact how I will spend my rest life & what things I will be doing.
I have had a long time dream to go to Africa or Philippines to do some teaching voluntery work there for a month or so. And I think that is my next stop once I finish this year alive.
Merry Christmas, and have happy holidays.
Let’s pray that 2018 will be more gentle and eventful ๐Ÿ˜‰

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